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We've been doing a bit of filter research since starting production on our pyramid dripper...The big question? You've got a square dripper, what kind of filter can you use? The answer... whatever kind you want, to some extent. 

This is a quick rundown of filters that we have tried and had positive results with.

1. V60


This is a great filter, they are super easy to rinse of the dreaded "paper taste" and they fit the pyramid shape well. The 02 size is a perfect fit if you want to brew about 16-20oz at a time, If you only need to make 8-12oz the 01 will accommodate just fine. The 02 size is readily available  online   (<<<link)  and in lots of coffee shops.


2. Melitta 202s


This is a tricky one. You may or may not be aware that the modern paper filter was invented by a woman named Melitta Bentz. Thus the company name. Melitta is a large global corporation making a lot of filters, they also just happen to have the perfect filter for a pyramid dripper. Catch 22, they do not distribute these filters in the USA. We ordered these from Amazon and waited a long time for them to arrive (like a month). They were worth the wait as they have outperformed all the other filters and although they are a bit long in the tooth (lots of extra paper) it folds over the top edge of the dripper very nicely once they are rinsed for brewing. We have hit somewhat of a brick wall in trying to converse with Melitta about what it would take to distribute these in the USA...Stay tuned...




Admittedly Chemex has always been one of our least favorite pour over methods, largely due to the difficulty of rinsing away the paper taste. The paper is very thick and if you use them as intended you have two extra layers of it to rinse. The extra layers are functional when used in a Chemex brewer (see screenshot from Chemex website FAQs) VVV

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 10.29.11 AM.png

You can absolutely use a full size Chemex filter in the pyramid dripper, we recommend rinsing the f**k out of it to avoid paper taste. However, if you are not in a rush and want to get creative... Download our Chemex origami template to make the octagon shape that you can fold into a perfect pyramid filter, it will require some folding skills and patience...It will require a bit less rinsing though and its kind of a fun challenge to make. Step by step below...

Step 1. DOWNLOAD and print the template and place it on your chemex filter


Step 2. Cut the filter


Step 3. The hard part, make the folds


You will want to fold the filter into 8 equal triangles, four of those will be creased in the center by the original folds of the filter


This is the advanced origami part, creating this fold may take practice and patience as we previously mentioned.


The finished filter...Give it a healthy hot rinse, add coffee and brew!